Nissan Skyline R32 Engine Overhaul
This section describes the complete disassembly of the engine assembly removed from vehicle without Nissan Skyline R32 transmission. It also explains the inspection, replacement of malfunctioning, damaged or worn parts, necessary adjustments and sequential assembly order to produce a standard engine condition.
Overhaul cautions
(1)  Disassembly
1  Use correct and suitable tools whenever possible, and do not try any unsafe or unreasonable procedures.
2  Be careful with operations on mating surfaces and sliding surfaces to prevent loss of surface accuracy.
3  Make marks on disassembled parts for organized, thorough damage detection and precise assembly.
4  Loosen nuts and bolts in a diagonal direction from the outside, being careful to follow the numerical order when indicated.

(2)  Inspection, repair and replacement
1  Repair or replace after completing parts inspection following the inspection procedures. Perform the same inspection for the new parts and replace parts as necessary.

(3)  Assembly
1  Always use a torque wrench to tighten nuts and bolts to the specified torque.
2  Tighten nuts and bolts from the center to the outside diagonal direction, gradually in two or three successive stages. Follow the numerical order when indicated. 
3  Gaskets, packing, oil seals and O-rings should be replaced with new ones in principle. 
4  Each part should be cleaned thoroughly and blown off with compressed air. In particular, check that oil and water passages are not clogged or obstructed. 
5  Be careful not to scratch or damage sliding or mating surfaces. Clean off all dust, debris or foreign matter. Lubricate all sliding surfaces with an adequate coating of oil.