Tools required for compression pressure inspection of Nissan Skyline R32 GTR:
Spark plug wrench EG 1740 1600 (or other regular spark plug wrench set)
Engine speed measurement unit
Allen compression gauge EG 1505 0000
Compression gauge adaptor EG1505 0101
Nissan Skyline compression pressure standard values




Standard value

kPa (kg/cm2, psi)/rpm

1,177 (12.0, 171)/300

Limit value

kPa (kg/cm2, psi)/rpm

883 (9.0, 128)/300

Compression variance limit between cylinders

kPa (kg/cm2, psi)/rpm

98 (1.0, 14)/300

Nissan Skyline R32 Compression Pressure Inspection
Nissan Skyline engine speed measurement unit installation
•     Connect the engine speed measurement unit to the speed detection pin on the harness connected to the ignition coil from the power transistor.
•     Always attach the terminal cap with rubber seal after measurement is completed.
Nissan Skyline R32 Compression Pressure Inspection
Nissan Skyline R32 compression gauge installation
•     Warm up engine.
•     Release fuel pressure.
•     Remove all spark plugs. 
•     Attach the adaptor to the Allen compression gauge and set it in a spark plug hole.
Nissan Skyline compression pressure  inspection
•     Press accelerator pedal all the way down. Turn ignition switch to "START" and crank the engine. When gauge needle stops moving read compression pressure and engine speed.
•     When engine speed is out of specifications, check specific gravity of the battery and perform test again if battery is functioning properly.
•     If the compression pressure is still not standard, inspect the components around the combustion chamber (valves, valves seat, hydraulic valve lifters, piston rings, cylinder bore, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, etc.). Correct any malfunctions and repeat compression test.