Nissan Skyline R32 exhaust system specifications




Front tube

Tube outer diameter mm (in)

Dual portion

54 (2.13)

Single portion

70 (2.76)

Long dual tube

Flexible tube


Рге-muffler    [capacity l (Imp qt)]

Muffler ASSY



Center tube outer diameter   mm (in)

70 (2.76)

Рге-muffler   [capacity I (Imp qt)]

Installed [7.0 (6-1/8)]

Flexible tube

Dynamic damper


Main muffler capacity   l (Imp gal)

16 (3-1/2)

Tail pipe external diameter   mm (in)

59 83 (2.32 x  3.27) (ellipse)

Catalytic converter


Under body floor, three-way, single-unit

Capacity    l (Imp qt)

1.7 (1-1/2)

Catalytic metal

Platinum rhodium

Exhaust gas temperature warning equipment operation temperature ˚C (˚F)

850 (1,562)


Nissan Skyline R32 exhaust system part inspection, warning precautions
• The heat resistance and corrosion resistance in exhaust system parts and component shape have been carefully considered in the design process, so only use genuine Nissan parts for replacement.
• Clean each connection part and connect securely, making sure there are no gas leaks.
• Always use new gaskets in the front and rear of catalytic converter.
• Always use new parts for exhaust manifold connection gasket and nuts.
• After assembling each part, warm engine, raise speed to 2,000 to 3,000 rpm and make sure there are no gas leaks, sealing compound leaks or sealing gaps.
• Replace parts rather than repairing extreme deformation in heat insulation panels. If extreme amounts of dirt have accumulated, clean these areas.
• When attaching heat insulation panels, make sure there is adequate clearance and no interference between exhaust pipes.